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About Us
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In a hectic world like ours, when having time and taking one’s time are luxuries  many of us can seldom afford, and in an era where people are virtually drowning  in information and yet actually starved for knowledge, the last thing anyone would  want to do is visit the wrong website for the wrong reason , wasting this  irreturnable precious commodity, i .e  Time. But, the internet is long been touted as  the information superhighway, presumably to offer the shortest possible cut to one's destination on this global data web. Bitterly ironic though, it now resembles a  devious road dotted with cumbrous obstacles. And which simply passing through, requires deft navigational skills, not all readily have. In short, our mission is to  facilitate your safe networthy passage when you're thinking of Iran & are interested  about petroleum related issues. We guess that would be you. So, many thanks for  choosing to drop by, at . We, however, assure that the time  you spend with us, would be well-spent; and therefore trust you will not leave us  empty-handed .

But we are an independent overseas-based entity, liaised in Iran and locally partnered with Pars Terminal Co. Ltd., a private Iranian project-themed sales' technology and engineering services company. We are however, owned by Petropolis Enterprises Inc., an offshore  registered legal establishment.


Following over a decade of up-close interaction with the Iranian Petroleum industry  at large, covering all sectors namely the National Iranian Oil Co.(NIOC), the  National Iranian Gas Co.(NIGC),the National Petrochemical Co.(NPC) and their  numerous offshoots, as well as the Iranian power-sector(IPDC/Tavanir)and their  subsidiary power generation companies, interfacing techno-commercial data  between local clientele and quite a few universally prestigious foreign  manufacturers and suppliers, and in a bid to galvanize interest in transparent  dissemination of information by home-grown entities, and in pursuit of incentivizing  customized channels, harnessing one-to-one mindshare, scaling end-to-end  markets, facilitating integrated supply-chain, benchmarking distributed interfaces, optimizing all-efficient business relationships and dove-tailing value-added glocal  synergies, we take every pleasure in unleashing an innovative e-commerce  platform for the Iranian Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries. This is the  vision pursued by & pervading throughout, which is in fact but  an on-going, never-ending process in the making; certainly bound for expansion & improvement; as we continue servicing this vital sector of our collective source of energy. As such, we hope that you may find, what you are looking for, is but a click away.